100 Days of Self Discovery Day Fifteen – What Are You Good At?

I asked Jordan and he said:

Reading, team leading, consoling, listening, dealing with awkward situations.

I’ve always been told that I’m a good listener. I’ve learnt when to stay quiet and, when it’s important to be vocal. I did a Management Essentials course a few years ago and, we discussed the importance of active listening on this course. Basically what it means is that when someone is telling you a story, you will automatically want to share a similar experience you have had. When you do this though, it draws attention away from the original story and, on to you instead.

I learnt from this that sometimes it is important to just take a few extra pauses and, see if the other person has got anything else they want to say.

I have gained a lot of experience over the last two years in regards to being a team leader. I still have a lot to learn, but it doesn’t intimidate me as much as it use to. Now I just follow my gut instinct.

I cope well under pressure. This means that I’m quite good at coming up with solutions to problems and, not letting people give up at the first hurdle.

I like to think I am good at baking. I do enjoy making cupcakes, flapjack, cake and so on. So far, I’ve not had any complaints either! I made these Rudolph cupcakes at Christmas and, couldn’t put them down! They don’t have any antlers because I couldn’t get any mini pretzels ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I do enjoy cooking in general as well. I like to create something that is easy, but that we’ll both enjoy. My go to meal is spicy chicken pasta, but I also like roasted vegetables, fish, omelettes and, you can’t beat a decent fry up!

It might not look like much, but it taste exactly like Nando’s!


100 Days of Self Discovery – Day One Who Are You?

There is several different ways I could start this.

Technically I am a person…I am a woman who goes by the name of Claire and I am 27 years old.

But I don’t think the purpose of self discovery is to list facts about yourself.

Who am I? Well according to the Myers Brigg personality test I am an INFJ personality type, which I have been told is quite rare. Now I’m not saying I’m one for believing everything I read on the internet, but I have found that a lot of my personality traits do match those that fall under the INFJ personality type.

I am an introvert. I’m never happier than when I am sat at home in my pyjamas, I’ve got my books and, something good to watch on TV. It’s not that I don’t enjoy spending time with other people, but I do find it quite draining sometimes and, I need time alone to recharge. Otherwise I start to get moody and agitated and, just feel frustrated with others. Which isn’t fair on any of us.

This will sound bizarre, but when I meet someone new, I sometimes get a sense about this person and I can tell pretty early on if this person is worth investing my time in. I get a feeling about people and, it’s like I can see their true character before anyone else. This usually leads to three or four months of people asking me why I don’t like someone, until everyone else then sees what I’ve been seeing all along.

Right now I am a little lost. I’m not really sure what I should be doing. I am becoming more and more irritated with my job and, the lack of opportunities to move on. I know I need to update my CV and put myself out there, but as I’m sure we can all appreciate, it isn’t that easy. My biggest fear is that if I move, I’ll end up hating my new job more; so I just keep coasting along.

I am constantly tired, partly due to a vitamin B12 deficiency, partly because I need to sleep more and, partly because I spend so much time worrying about stupid little things that it just leaves me exhausted.

I have battled anxiety. This is a battle that I will always fight, but fortunately it has gotten easier over the last few years. I have learnt that the only way to overcome anxiety, is to face it head on. If you run away and try and avoid it, it will never change. Once upon a time, I would be petrified to lead team meetings or go on conference calls with senior managers. Now I don’t even think about it, I just do it (I do still proof read my emails about ten times before sending them though!).

This year I want to touch base with the person I was as a teenager and in my early twenties. I feel like that part of me is missing and, I want to reconnect. I found an old journal of mine from three/four years ago and I remember writing in it religiously. I miss doing that.

Day one of self discovery complete. Only another 99 to go!